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Nidhi company- Nidhi companies( ph- 09330160431 ,email- ) are monetary business companies in India and it can be classified as banking companies and non banking financial companies (NBFC). In a nidhi company a few people get together to help each other by investing a small amount of money. As per its policy only a person who is its member can make deposits and take loans or borrow when needed. So the fundamental activity of a nidhi company is to promote the savings and utilization of funds by its members and to safeguard the monetary positions of nidhi company’s members. Nidhi company can accept fixed deposits like NBFC/ bank and it can offer a lucrative interest to draw attention the rational member or investor.

Nidhi software- Nidhi software is a software that handles all the calculations and operations and thus smoothes the activities of a nidhi company. Nidhi software helps to focus on customer management and marketing activities by boost up by reducing operational time and other back office work. So we can say that nidhi software is built completely for nidhi companies which have various modules like master entry, member associate, loan, savings, investment, admin, approval, maturity, modification, accounts, search, print, report, member and advisor login, SMS module and other features and modules.

The wonderful benefit of using nidhi company software is that numerous things can be managed by a single software. Nidhi company software makes the work handy. There are multiple panels where the numbers can control their accounts. Member registrations and manage their information can be done through nidhi company software. Loan management gives all the loan related details. Nidhi company software also includes an EMI calculator. Nidhi company software makes it simple to register several numbers of members to the company. It generates login details at a time the member is registered successfully. The company’s every branch can generate endless member ids. Like member registrations, operations also can be registered within a single branch with the help of nidhi company software. They are provided with the operator login ids with different role. Nidhi company software can generate various reports like scheme reports, loan reports easily and also makes the data analysis process easy.

Nidhi company software developed by Web infotech solutions helps to attract attention to other works in the organization like promotion and buyer administration exercises by accelerating works and reduce the hours expected to perform time escalated administration and authoritative obligations, driving out expense, enhancing adequacy and expanding advantages for nidhi companies in India. Our nidhi company software is fully adaptable and can be matched with ongoing mobile, SMS and Email framework. Web infotech solutions developed nidhi company software is very easy to understand and use. Our techniques and procedures are continuously observed and productive to keep pace with fresh advancement in innovation and client’s requirements.

Clients can create unlimited branches with the help of Web infotech solutions nidhi software. Every branch will have separate operators with login ids and their roles. Unlimited member registration can be done with our online application. Clients can do their project works within a sense of security like transaction pin, captchas and a secured architecture. Various reports can be created on a single click like audit reports, member reports, loan reports, ORC reports, policy list report through our nidhi company software. Clients can create limitless software operators login ids. If client has 20 operators in a branch, he/she can create separate login for each operator and can assign different roles for different operators. Associates/ agents can login to their panel and check reports like savings account balance, payout/ ORC from his/her home or mobile.

Web infotech solutions nidhi software has the ability to handle complex calculations, large volume of transactions. So the software scales on the demand. Clients can access their data anytime, anywhere. We install our nidhi company software to our client’s computer and their mobile phones. Our simple nidhi software with sophisticated features makes easy all the works of a nidhi company. This user friendly software manages daily activities and keeps track of all the operations of the organization. Nidhi software provided by Web infotech solutions exactly acts like a mini banking software which handles fixed deposit (FD), recurring deposit (RD), monthly income scheme (MIS), daily deposit schemes, various types of loans etc. There are different sections in our nidhi software. Those are master section, member section, associate section, investment section, savings account section, loan section, modification section, account section, approval section, print section, voucher section, maturity section, report section, HRM section etc.

Nidhi software provided by Web infotech solutions is the finest and customized software tool for controlling nidhi companies in India. Our dynamic online web based and window based GUI based software combining with core banking system designed to take care of all aspects of a nidhi company. This software is very comprehensive and simple in nature by which it manages complex tasks easily. Our nidhi software is efficient to handle huge transactions without any kind of difficulty. Our talented designers have designed the software to work for network to update the data and to access the information by different users at a same time. The software is very flexible with adaptability and expand ability. It can be used by all societies and can be smoothly expanded/ upgraded to cover additional activities whenever it is required.

The works of a nidhi company is so complicated that it is not possible to run a nidhi company without software. We, Web infotech solutions, are in the market from 2009. We have satisfied more than our 300 clients over nine years for many reasons. We are totally devoted to serve our most excellent support service to our customers. With this aspiration, we provide our 24*7 support service to our clients. This is done through phone calls, face to face interaction, online support service (through Anydesk) etc. Nidhi software developed by us is very easy to access and it efficiently manages different services without any kind of difficulties. By finding out the importance of price factor for a company, Web infotech solutions has developed the software which easily cut down maintenance cost and provide exceptional output.


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